The past few weeks have brought more interesting news on arguments and accusations between Advanced Micromachines and Nakamura Inc. Disputes and lawsuits were followed by charges of attempted theft of fiscal reports and research results. Micromachines stock share price hit a slide after a leak of data stolen by a hacker, which in turn has sprouted conspiracy theories about competition involvement. Latest Nakamuras success streak in a few sizable bids for military equipment, traditional Micromachines domain, caused some nervous reactions from Micromachines management.

A few anonymous but reliable sources claim that the secret corporation struggle to win the best workers has escalated. Luring talents and project managers in with promises of higher wages is rife and mutual. Some even say about abductions and 'extractions' of key engineers from off-limits secret research labs.

According to our sources Nakamura Inc. is leading in the conflict. Micromachines is increasingly mentioning 'adequate' response. It is starting to look more and more like threatening.


We have some incredible footage, our team is right in the middle of the action! We can see a swarm of drones attacking the extremists hideout. It's amazing to see the fluid movements of the machines, weaving around the buildings and parked cars. There is someone on the first floor, trying to defend and firing at the drones damaging one. No wait, that was just a feint, the drone is shooting back, what an immense firepower! It's over now, the building has been taken. Incredibly there is almost no collateral damage. It is definitely the future of antiterrorist operations. The swarm is turning now, flying very close to us, we can get a better look at the machines. It's coming straight for us, strange...
Transmission lost
UPDATE: With deep regret we inform that due to a tragic mistake three members of our reporters team has lost their lives in Central Africa. Army representative has conveyed condolences while stating that the reporters did not have proper clearance, therefore have not received the code transmitters identifying them as 'friendlies'.